While I love Japan, the Japanese people and Japanese arts, technology and culture, I abhor Japan's (and Iceland's) whaling policy…

Iceland's 'scientific whaling' programme, like Japan's, is merely commercial whaling in disguise.
Commercial whaling was banned by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1982, but a loophole allows the killing of whales for research purposes. Iceland plans to sell the products of its 'research' to Japan, where whale meat generates four billion yen in sales annually.

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Comments and feedback


Since this site (and its previous incarnation, kindly hosted by the University of Brighton) went on-line, I have received many kind comments and helpful suggestions. Here is a selection of them:

  • I love your site: books, assemblages, singer-songwriter picks and support of Tibet. I have been teaching myself bookmaking techniques for several years and will start using those soon to make more original projects
    June 2009
  • I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your site. I am a bookbinder in the US and produce one of a kind artist books. I found your section on Japanese bindings most informative.
    August 2008

  • I just thought I would drop you an email to say how much I loved the bookart work on your web-site. Exspecialy Random Journey; the other wealth of information on your web-site is great and thanks for posting it up there.

    I currently make live art and performance art work and in Random Journey I liked how it implied a action and a performance to be carried out but it was also a exquiste looking and quite amusing.

    I am currently looking into bookart as a way of documenting my work in a standalone way that can be considered a work of art in itself and your web-site has been a great insperation thank you.
    April 2008

  • Hello from Tokyo! I happened to visit your website while I was browsing the net on bookbinding.
    I am impressed that you have profound knowledge on Japanese bookbinding!

    Here I have started my book binding course last June.
    I found this craft (or art) very interesting and will keep learning on this.

    On your website gallery I found some Japanese subway map is displayed in very neat frame. Interesting to know that the map could inspire someone in UK!
    January 2008

  • Just read your piece on Japanese bookbinding techniques and structures and I thought that it was excellent and very informative.
    August 2007
  • I just wanted to say what an interesting site you have (Japanese bookbinding). I just chanced on it. I have recently bought the Kojiro Ikegami book, but I haven't used it as yet. I look forward to studying the material you have online and trying some of it out! Thank you for a beautifully presented resource.
    December 2006
  • Love your website
    October 2006

  • Just wanted to say that your website is fantastic. I did not know that there were so many kinds of Japanese binding style hitherto.
    October 2006
  • Just a little note to say that I think your bookbinding site is a fantastic addition to the internet. Having been interested in binding books for a few years, I found your site through Google while searching for the name of the binding I use. I'm pretty sure that I use a coptic binding but having a browse through the other styles on your site has inspired me to try my hand at some other variations.
    Again, great site. Please keep doing what you're doing.
    August 2006
  • I was REALLY impressed by the works you have on show and how in-depth your Japanese section is. Absolutely amazing and I would just like to say thank you for the inspiration and sharing of such knowledge. There's a lot of sites out there with muddled, lacking, and undetailed tutorials/histories/guides on bookbinding, so finding yours was a breath of fresh air.
    February 2006

  • FABULOUS, absolutely fabulous! I had such a good time reading your on-line book that I could hardly wait to tell you how much I enjoyed it! Again, thanks! Beautifully done. What a wonderful site. Thank you for all your work and for the pictures of your lovely dogs

  • I found your web page before it was completed and gained a great deal of info — but now that you have completed it... thank yo for the information! I am a beginning hand binder and am very interested in japanese binding in general and pocket binding specifically; yours is a great solution to the problems of imposition for the one off or small run hand binder.
  • I have been looking for a Japanese bookbinding site and this is the first one I have come upon. Thank goodness I have finally found one. I was looking through your sewing style page and was familar with all the yotsume toji family but had never heard of Daifuko cho and hantori cho ledger books. Right when I saw them I knew I had to have one.
    Thanks for making a website on Japanese bookbinding. I really appreciated it. :)
  • I have found your site to be VERY helpful and I would like to thank you for that
  • i happened upon your japanese and chinese book art page a while ago, and i have fallen in love with it… your site is the only one i found so far with this much information, so, already i am grateful.
  • My name is Maria and I have just visited your webpage, which I have very much enjoyed!
    I am an bibliophile and amateur bookbinder and found the information  very useful.
  • I really enjoyed your Japanese Book Art Page. …particularly appreciated your analyses of the uses of traditional Japanese forms to modern book arts problems. One application that caught my eye was the use of the orihon (accordion) style to create non-sequential sequences (hmm… I'm sure you get my drift) of pages.
    I’m a member of a book arts group that meets monthly at our local arts center, and I’ll be sure to call your site to the attention of other members.
  • …delightful web page…
  • I happened to come accross your site whilst doing a search on Japanese bookbinding. I must say that it is an excellent and very informative site.
  • I was reviewing all my book marked sites and I looked at your updated personal work. I find your boxes quite intriguing. I am teaching Japanese bookbinding this semester at the University of Iowa, USA and I will refer my students to your site.
  • I am a norwegian papermaker and bookbinder who really enjoyed your website. For several yaers now I have had a special fascination for Japanese bookforms, maybe I have been fascinsted since I first saw a sewn chinese book visiting an aunt who had lived 30 years in China… I was a small child, and an exotic world lay inside this Chinese book with strange signs in it. In Norway there are not many people interested in Japanese bookforms so I really enjoyed reading your pages. This summer I am going to hold a course in japanese bookart, so now I got really inspired!
  • Thank you so much for such a wonderful web site! My son took a Book Art class last spring and I was so intrigued with it that I asked for his notes, supplies, etc. when he was done. I have been wanting to try my hand at this art form but was lacking information and had not gone searching for it yet. Your pages are beautiful and very informative! I am anxious, now, to give it a try.
  • WONDERFUL site. I can't wait to find time to really look.
  • Thank you for this great link. I truly enjoy doing Japanese books.
  • Your work is wonderful. I hope that you won't mind that I've added your website to our 'Links' site so our Members can enjoy your fine work.
  • Love your website and everything you do... from your
    collaged images to handmade books to assemblage! Well done.
  • Thanks for publishing your site. Enjoyed it!
  • Just wanted to say I love to make these type of books, thanks for having such a nice site. I really enjoyed the History section.
  • I loved your site
  • Thank you Graeme, your site is wonderful
  • What an attractive site you have! I've bookmarked it and plan to return when I have more time and you've completed it… I am new to papermaking and
    book arts and am appreciative of people like you who provide information so generously.
  • You have done a very interesting and informative job, as I am an amateur, but books are my #1 activity… The way you have this set up is remarkable.To be able to keep going, and not "back" all the time, as most sites are, is a joy!! …The accordion site, also, was very illuminating, as the pictures showed some things I had not thought of, and was delighted to see.  Thank you, and I will follow whatever additions you will be making.
  • Hi, very much enjoyed your site… your site is immensely helpful in providing background and possible ideas. Congratulations on an easy to read, nice-looking site.
  • Your Japanese Bookbinding site is just wonderful. I have been looking for Japanese Bookbinding in the Internet and haven't found any besides yours. Yours is the only one I found so far in the whole world.
  • What a beautiful and informative site! I anxiously await the addition of the few remaining graphics. Thank you for sharing your work.
  • Your creation of Japanese binding web-site is wonderful. The history is accurate (at least for my standard). 'Applications' of Ori-hon structure gives me a lot of ideas on designs. Your story on how you got involved in bookbinding is delightful.
  • …Thanks for your informative website!
  • …Thanks also for a very interesting web site



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