While I love Japan, the Japanese people and Japanese arts, technology and culture, I abhor Japan's (and Iceland's) whaling policy…

Iceland's 'scientific whaling' programme, like Japan's, is merely commercial whaling in disguise.
Commercial whaling was banned by the International Whaling Commission (IWC) in 1982, but a loophole allows the killing of whales for research purposes. Iceland plans to sell the products of its 'research' to Japan, where whale meat generates four billion yen in sales annually.

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I should like to thank:

Kojiro Ikegame
for his willingness to share a lifetime's knowledge and experience of Japanese bookbinding;

Jenni Grey
for introducing me to the mystery of the craft of bookbinding, and guiding me through many problems encountered on the way;

Richard Wyatt
for his unfailingly cheerful assistance in the university bindery;

Professor George Hardie
for introducing me to the concept of editions, including editions of 'one-off' books;

Ray and Ayumi Dennis
for their help with photoetching and Japanese calligraphy respectively;

• Professor Gordon Bull, Brian Sussex, Alison Minns
for their continuing and wholehearted support;

• Tanya Dean, Louise Bristow and Jacki Johnson
for their help and encouragement in the support modules;

Melanie Eldridge
for the ability to move forward;

Chibby the family dog
on whose walks most of my bookbinding projects take shape in my head;
and most of all, my wife

Valerie Dawes
for her constant encouragement and support (particularly welcome when things are going wrong), creative suggestions and tolerance of my converting the diningroom, and later the bedroom, into a bindery several times each week.


our dear cross-breed from Battersea Dogs' Home, who died 31 January 2001 aged 15 years

our lovely setter-spaniel cross, aged two, from the National Canine Defence League (now the Dogs' Trust)

Our newest family member, Luca, an English Setter, here aged 15 weeks


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